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Get ready to be swept off your feet by the electrifying melodies and soulful harmonies of Grammy® nominated duo, Helen Bruner & Terry Jones. Their latest 2023 album release "2nd Overture,” that includes their hot single “I Can’t Call It” has soared to remarkable heights, claiming the coveted #1 spot on the Official UK Soul Charts. This extraordinary duo have made an indelible mark on the music industry, captivating audiences worldwide with their unparalleled talents. Through technology Bruner & Jones produced the Grammy® nominated “Baby I Know”on the legendary late soul singer Linda Jones, renowned for her R&B classic “Hypnotized” who is Terry’s mother. Terry pays a heartfelt tribute to her mother during their live performance. 

Captivating on the stage, Helen Bruner & Terry Jones transform into electrifying performers, bringing their compositions to life with an intense fusion of soul, pop, and R&B. They've enchanted audiences at esteemed events like the Grammy Pre-Telecast  with Ledisi and the late KoKo Taylor.  Graced Grammy Festival at Sea "Women Who Rock," with music icons like Heart, EmmyLou Harris, and Estelle. 

Their transcendent energy has ignited stages across the globe, from the prestigious Philadelphia Mann Music Center, SOBS in New York to international hotspots like the Ministry of Sound in London, Club Yellow in Tokyo, the Supalova Club in Milan and the list continues. 

Helen Bruner & Terry Jones have orchestrated a symphony of success. Their remarkable journey has seen them shine as producers, songwriters, and vocalists, with an impressive track record. 

"Get ready to experience Helen Bruner & Terry Jones “—your ticket to a soulful, unforgettable experience!"

New Album 2nd Overture"

Lead Single  "I Can't Call It"

The lead Single "I Can't Call It"  off their new album titled 2nd Overture written and produced by Helen Bruner & Terry Jones available now on all streaming platforms!



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